Hi, I’m glad to meet you and happy you took the time to visit my site and learn more about my campaign to become your new representative in Washington.

My name is Michael Smith, but everyone calls me Smitty. I’m married to my wonderful wife Sherie, and we live in Blanco, in the heart of Texas Hill Country.

I own a rolloff business and have been self-employed for thirty years. I know what it’s like to meet payroll, cover costs and turn a profit, just like any American small business owner.

I’m running for Congress for one very obvious reason: our system is broken beyond belief. We saw it in the last election, and we see it every day coming from the halls of Congress in DC.

Most of our representatives, whether in the House or Senate, are career politicians. Pure and simple. They have as much in common with you and me as – well, nothing.

It’s time TX-21 sent one of their own to DC to represent our interests. I’d like to ask for your support as I embark on this journey.

If you’d like to reach out, please use the contact form on this page. I will do my best to reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest and support. – Smitty

Smitty and his wife Sherie
Smitty and his wife Sherie at their Blanco home
Smitty Votes In Every Election
Smitty votes in every election


As your congressman, I’m going to do a whole lot more listening than talking.

I’m not a polished politician.

I own a rolloff dumpster business. I’ve lived in Central Texas my whole life. I’ve been self-employed for 30 years.

I started a residential trash business 12 years ago; added rolloffs 4 years later; sold my residential business 2 years ago and just do rolloffs now.

So the irony of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington to take out the trash is funny to me!

Let’s face it – Washington is broken. Approval in Congress is under 15%. If that was the case for my business, I wouldn’t be in business.

We keep sending these same folks up there. I’m done.

I’m a hard-working, tax-paying citizen and I’m not happy with my return on investment.

We deserve better. I intend to do that for us.

I get asked where do you stand on this, where do you stand on that.

I say this is not about me — I’m here to represent you.

Where do YOU stand on those issues? You tell me, I’ll tell them.

That’s how this deal works.

We’ve been represented by career politicians for too long. We need an outsider who speaks for all of us, not just their “side” or interests.

Most people I know are middle of the road. When I speak to them, it’s hard to tell if they are Republican or Democrat. Just good, decent folks who want better for them and their families, friends and neighbors.

As our Representative, I want to bring our money back to our district to improve life where we live. Until we can fix the problems in America, we have no reason to send our money to other countries to fix theirs. Wasteful spending has to stop.

I consider myself more independent than Republican or Democrat. As a Texan, I feel we all feel the draw of the independent mindset, but let’s face facts, independent candidates don’t win elections unless you are a career politician – and that is rare. A true blue dog Democrat has not run for this office in my lifetime and there are few that exist who seek to hold office. Many are too busy working, running a business, raising a family to get involved in politics.

We are more like-minded than we are divided in our beliefs.

We need someone who represents all the people in District 21 – not half.

This game in Washington of us versus them, Dem vs. Republican, has gotten us nowhere.

We the people demand and deserve better.

My IT team has assured me they can pull this off:We are going to put all bills I have to vote on on our website and a cliff notes version of the bill. My constituents can read it and tell me to vote yes, no or my choice. I know this may seem simple and every Congressman should do it this way but I believe we will be the first truly representative of the people in my district. Of course you will have to prove you are a member of my district but my IT team says it will be no problem for them.


Smitty wants to hear from you – on his campaign, what you’d like him to support as a member of Congress, anything. Fill this form and you’ll get a reply as soon as possible.

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